A 3 month Program for Chronic Pain.

 *    6 Individual Consultations with a Clinical Psychologist

*    3 x Monthly reviews with your GP

*    4 x 2 hour Group Sessions (you will receive a work book to keep)

*    Pre, Mid & Post outcome measures and Clincial Report to your Doctor at completion   

*    1 month and 3 month Reviews with Psychologist


* Program is facilitated by Psychologists, nurses and Drug & Alcohol Counsellor/s

* Program is eligible for a Medicare Rebate  **gap fee applies**



Psychometrics throughout the Lifespan.

We have a variety of psychometric testing available from child and youth learning disorders to early screening for dementia.

Our Clinical Psychologist has experience working in aged Care Psychiatry in a Sydney Hospital and aged care is one of her areas of clinical interest.

Psychometric testing will always be facilitated by a registered psychologist or clinical psychologist and the nature of the presenting problem will determine the type of testing (or combination of testing) required.

Some of the common conditions assessed with psychometrics include:

Autism, ADHD, Personality, Dementia, Intelligence Testing, Adaptive and Functional Behaviours, Learning Disorders - Literacy and Language, Achievement Tests, Child Mental Health and Capacity Testing.

WALK n TALK (Therapy Group)


Walk and talk therapy is becoming increasingly popular world wide. We know that physical movement, exercise, and psychotherapy are all great for your mental health – so why not do them all at the same time? 

This is not just a walking group - With 'Walk n Talk' you will be introduced to  evidence based interventions as well as meeting other people in similar situations to you. 

Learn how to bring body, mind and spirit together in a different type of therapy. You will be guided through the session from a trained and experienced therapist and you will be offered follow up support if needed.

A mental health care plan can get you on your way - Speak with your GP today.