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Referral Process

General Practitioners

  • Please note Healthwise does not provide Bulk Billing services. Fee free services for eligible clients are available under the PHN – Stepped Care Pathway
  • For all clients please provide a referral letter with a MHCP for your client
  • Written communication will be provided confirming your client’s initial appointment along with review letters

PHN Referrals

  • Healthwise clinicians are registered with the Clinical Services Panel to provide therapeutic supports for PHN referrals
  • Please complete a PHN referral and attach a MHCP and fax/email this directly to the PHN
  • Once Healthwise has been allocated your client we will provide communication of the initial appointment date and ongoing review letters

TMS Referrals

  • Please click on the TMS page and follow the booking link for the referral pathway
  • A medical officer and TMS clinician will confirm your patient’s suitability. Booking confirmation and medical communication for your client will be completed by TMS Australia**TMS Australia provides treatment independent of Healthwise**