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In 2013 the Australian Government legislated for a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), now managed by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

There are four ways your NDIS funding can be managed:

  • Plan-managed funding;
  • NDIA-managed funding;
  • Self-management;
  • Or a combination of the above.

What’s the Difference…..

Plan? Self? or NDIA Managed?

  • Plan-managed – The NDIA provide funding in your plan to pay for a Plan Manager. We provide the service and send the invoice to your plan manager. Your plan manager will claim directly from your budget and pay Healthwise on your behalf. Healthwise can provide services to you and invoice your plan manager directly.
  • Self-management – The NDIA provides you with funding so you can access the supports that will best help you achieve your goals. Healthwise can provide services to you if you are self-managed and have full control and responsibility for your NDIS funding. Self-managed clients pay for their service on the same day.
  • NDIA-managed– The NDIA pays providers on your behalf. When NDIA-managed, you are able to choose from a range of NDIS-registered providers. Healthwise cannot provide services if you are NDIA managed.

Healthwise have a team of caring, registered psychologists who work with children, adolescents and adults on a range of wellbeing and mental health issues including those living with a psychosocial disability.

Healthwise understands how the NDIS processes and legislation works and provides both Plan and Self–Managed clients.

  • therapy and counselling services for behavioural support for those living with a psychosocial disability, including people with mild intellectual disability and high functioning autism
  • assessments and reports that demonstrates the level of support needed during the NDIS access/review process
  • knowledge of the wording and terminology used by the NDIS to help patients get better outcomes during plan reviews/access
  • assist with requesting access for NDIS funding and services
  • please note we are not registered to provide NDIA managed clients (your funds are managed directly by the NDIS).

What to Expect?

An initial appointment is booked and we request you bring a copy of your plan to be scanned and stored on your file. It’s important we sight your plan for the following reasons:

  • Sight the current plan dates.

We must ensure we are working and providing supports within the current plan. Retrospective funding cannot be utilised and funding must be allocated within the current plan. Knowing the dates for your plan also ensures we can prepare appropriate reports in a timely manner for funding reviews.

  • Clearly identify the goals outlined within your plan.

Funding for each plan is built around assisting the participant to achieve the goals outlined within their plan. When you request a psychological report for a funding review we speak directly to the goals outlined within the current plan. Recommendations are based on these goals and this forms part of your supporting evidence for future funding allocations. You may have developed new goals between plans however we still need to identify the original goals the current plan was developed on.

  • Ensure we have the correct participant number.

In providing formal communication for NDIS reviews and reporting we use your participant number as a reference on documentation.

  • Ensure funding is allocated within your current plan to access psychological support.

Psychological services can be funded if the following Capacity Building Supports are included on your current NDIS Plan:

  • Improved Daily Living (CB Daily Living)

  • Improved Relationships (CB Relationships)

During the initial appointment we work with you to clearly identify a schedule of supports and complete a service agreement to ensure we are providing you with the appropriate services.

Schedule of Supports

Support Description of support Price and payment information
Psychology- 60 minutes Assistance (per hour) $214.00
Report Writing – 60 minutes Report/Review $214.00 per hour (min.1 hr /report)
Psychometrics Assessments Link to Clinical Services Psychometric Fees page.
<24-hour notice cancellation Short Notice Cancellations $214.00
Clinical Travel Fee <15km Travel $30.00

We bill for our services at the rates outlined in the NDIS Price Guide. The fees for your services will depend on the Capacity Building Support category being used.

  • 15_054_0128_1_3 Individual Assessment, Therapy And/Or Training (Includes Assistive Technology) – Improved Daily Living (CB Daily Living)

  • 15_001_0118_1_3 Capacity Building Supports For Early Childhood – Improved Daily Living (CB Daily Living)

  • 11_023_0110_7_3 Behaviour Management Plan Incl. Training In Behaviour Management Strategies- Improved Relationships (CB Relationships)

  • 11_022_0110_7_3 Intensive Behavioural Intervention Support – Improved Relationships (CB Relationships)

Fees are guided by the NDIS Price Guide.

Cancellation Policy

We are guided by the NDIS “Short Notice Cancellations” General Claiming Rules 2020-21.

Where a provider has a Short Notice Cancellation (or no show) they are able to claim 100% of the agreed fee associated with the activity from the participant’s plan, subject to this Price Guide and the terms of the service agreement with the participant.